Since 1948, CARTIER SAADA is specialised in processing preserved fruits and vegetables.
Located in Marrakesh, our firm produces prime quality's products for fine grocery.

We select, by professionals, the best crops of fruits and vegetables that we pick with care and preserve to make them keep their taste and their authentic original flavour.

Our total quality policy, imposed to the whole process from the production to the delivery on the sale point, insures the best quality of the product and service that can satisfy our customer's demand.

In the imperial city of Marrakesh, in the middle of palm's trees and fruiterers, CARTIER SAADA built in the course of half a century, a qualitative tradition of product and also of all the services.

Thus, and worried to maintain a superior qualitative level, we endowed one of the most modern site of production equiped with a recent material witch satisfy all international standards.

More than fifty years of experience and know-how raise CARTIER SAADA to the top of moroccan food industry espacially in canned apricots, canned olives and citrus fruits.At the beginning of season, fruits and vegetables selected in orchards are picked with big care.

These raw materials are, then, forwarded in factories and treated the same day to protect their freshness and their organoleptic characteristics. At the beginning of autumn, after elimination of bitterness, the olives are washed, rinsed and dipped into a brine where they are kept.

This treatment gives them the attractive color ( green, smooth black or wrinkled) and their special savour. Finally, they are packaged, whole or pitted under different packagings by calibers.

At the beginning of June, apricots yellow-orange-coloured are calibrated, washed and hand cut before being arranged in crown in the cans. This beautiful presentation gives a particular visual aspect in contained of it limp.In the syrup or naturel, apricots are kept in various sizes of cans for the fine cake shop or for the housewife.

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